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We support disabled adults, children and their families and we provide Humanitarian Aid for the over 500 people who are very poor and/or have disablities. We have identified a further 3,000 people who need our help. With the help of churches and organisations from outside of Moldova we are able to provide
Humanitarian Aid to many hundreds of families in desperate need each year.

To help do this we run a
Day Centre to support disabled children and their families as there are few schools in Moldova for children with special needs.

We also run two
Summer Camps, one for adults and one for children. This year (2015) Carole went from Kettering to help with the children's camp. More stories from her to be added to the website soon.

We employ a
Speech Therapist and a Massage Therapist and hope soon to be able to employ a Special Needs Teacher and a Social Worker.

We also run a
Mothers' Support group which provides support for around 30 mothers with disabled children.

Two new initiatives which we started last year are
Leadership Training Seminars and Small Business support.