Conference May 2015 - Disability: from exclusion to inclusion

In May 2015 Di Acaster, Steve Dodman and Ian Hames visited Moldova to deliver a conference about disability and inclusion. There were over 60 delegates (church leaders and children's workers) at the conference from 17 different churches from all across Moldova.

The aim of the conference was to help delegates to think about what they may be able to do to help all people regardless of disability to access and be a part of every aspect of church life.

We looked at the practical things that churches may do to support the needs of people with physical disabilities, learning difficulties and people who may have mental health issues. One of the joys of the conference was that the delegates from all over the country had lots of opportunities to talk and share with each other, to reflect on good practice and to discuss how they might implement some of the ideas we were discussing.

The conference culminated in a Messy Church celebration activity where delegates pretended that they were children and took part in a drama about Daniel in the Lions Den, took part in a song with singing and signing and dared to post the things that they might be scared of through the mouth of a lion!