Elena's walker

Elena Burghila has infantile cerebral paralysis. She was in great need of a walker. When we were donated one we were able to pass it on to Elena. She is very happy and she and her parents are very thankful for the gift which will make a huge difference to Elena's life.
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Kettering AlterNativity 2015

Kettering AlterNativity will be on Saturday 7th November, 10am to 2pm, at Toller Church in Kettering town centre. We will be having a stall at the event again and will be raising money for health care products to send to Moldova. Please support the event if you can and buy an alternative Christmas gift that will make a huge difference to people in need.
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Valeriu is walking!

Some excellent news from the Charity Mission. Valeriu, seem below with Ian last year, has had an operation and is now able to walk. Although we could not see him when we visited for the conference because the Day Centre was closed for the building works, it was very heart warming to see videos of him independently walking around the Day Centre, with his characteristic big grin on his face!

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Renovations at the Day Centre

"We are having a little work done!" The Day Centre for the children is being made properly accessible - all even floors, wider doors, level access. It is also being damp proofed and insulated, then totally redecorated! The outside is also being made more secure with good fencing and better play facilities. Currently unrecognisable!

The Centre has recently been inspected, and the authorities were very impressed by the high standard of teaching they saw and the amount the children were learning. However, they were told that unless they made the necessary changes to the building they might have to close down - hence the building work!
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Items needed for Moldova
(June 2015)

Di Acaster is collecting good quality toys to send to Moldovan families with children with disabilities - no cuddly toys or books with English writing on but toys such as jigsaws, building bricks, posting boxes, cars, dolls etc.

She is also collecting materials for making clothes; thread, zips, buttons and wool for knitting - and brass instruments for a youth band! Also medical items such as bandages/dressings etc.

It costs £1.50 per kilo to send items over so any donations to help cover that cost would be gratefully received.

Please contact
Ian if you can help with any of these and he will put you in touch with Di.
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Kettering AlterNativity 2013

Kettering AlterNativity is a Christmas gift fair supported by different charities where you can buy family and friends a gift in their name to help the poor, hungry, sick and homeless both locally and across the world.

For the last 2 years we have offered people the opportunity to buy 'Health Care Packs' for families in Moldova. A big 'Thank you' to everyone who bought a gift pack; from the photograph you can see the wonderful array of toiletries and health products we have been able to buy.
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New Minibus

A huge thank you to all those who donated money towards the new minibus. As you can see we now have a wonderful safe minibus to transport disabled children and their families.
Thank you

Thanks to a generous donation of playground equipment from a Dutch organisation there is now a wonderful playground for the children to use at the Day Centre.
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Mice for Moldova

What can you buy for £1? A cup of coffee at Costa? The latest edition of the Radio Times? A couple of 1st class stamps? Well, you probably realise the answer to all of these is a resounding ‘NO’. So what can you get for £1? Well, a whole lot of children and adults at Christ the King bought a soft toy mouse with a backpack of sweets for £1. And the result? The smiles of 75 children this Christmas, in Moldova. Worth a pound? Priceless, I’d say!

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Here is a message from Antonina

“Thank you very much for the toy mice and sweets gifts that you sent.  Our children from the Day Centre had a big dream to know how the children learn in a normal school. So we made their dream became true, these gifts gave us the possibility to go to a school and to attend some lessons in different classes. The children from the Day Centre were very pleased to meet new friends and their class teachers and classmates. We have a school in Straseni that gives the possibility to the children with disabilities to learn at home with a teacher if it is possible. At the end the children from the Day Centre gave them the gifts that you sent, and the school made them a gift too- a book with pictures and poems. It was a wonderful day and everyone enjoyed it. Thank you very much for everything.”

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A huge ‘Thank you’ to my friend, Annie, at Wren Spinney, who made the little gifts, and ‘Thank you’ to everyone who bought a mouse (or a few mice!) which brought a smile to a child in Moldova. God bless you. Ian
Donated equipment for the Day Centre

Bill Kenny from Maghull Baptist Church recently drove his truck down to a warehouse in Corby with a wonderful selection of equipment which was donated by a Special School in Liverpool. These items included two changing/massage beds, a hoist, 3 storage units and lots of children's chairs.

Daniel and Casey from Wren Spinney Community Special School, and Neil Logue from ‘Education for All’ helped to unload the items and these were recently taken free of charge by ‘Courier Express’ to Moldova.

We trust these items will be a great blessing to the children and their helpers. A huge ‘Thank you’ to everyone involved.
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Anatol gets a computer

Anatol, 27, who has cerebral palsy (and would therefore be considered unemployable in Moldova) recently got an answer to his prayers when he received a computer, donated by a couple from Kettering who were moving away and didn't need it any more. The computer was in excellent condition and came complete with screen and web cam, and loaded with Windows XP and Microsoft Office. Only a couple of weeks previously Brian Pile (Breadline) had met Anatol who was explaining how he longed to have a computer as his old one had broken beyond repair some time ago, and he had no means of ever getting a new one.

Having received the computer, Anatol wrote:

I want to thank you very much for the help that you gave me. I have dreamed a lot of years to have a computer, and now with your help my dream became true. Now my life will become more easy because now I will have the possibility to meet new friends and to speak easily with them. Also I can use the computer to earn some money. Thank you very much for everything.

Anatol also received a gift of money to get an internet connection so now he is able to use this to get some on-line training to develop his computer skills. But that is not all; Anatol is now using his computer to run a small on-line business. What a difference the simple gift of an unwanted computer has made to this young man, who has a natural gift in using computers and who now has the dignity of earning a living.
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Petru and Antonina’s Visit to the U.K.

We are delighted with the visit of Petru and Antonina to the UK from 23rd March to 6th April 2012. During this time they visited several schools, day centres, community projects and churches in Liverpool, Kettering and SE Kent. They went away full of ideas and Antonina was particularly inspired, saying:

Now I have seen the facilities for disabled children in the UK I would love for us to have a Sensory Room and Soft Play Room for our children at the Day Centre.

Antonina went on to talk about how impressed she was at how we include our children in making choices, giving them responsibilities and making a positive contribution to the community:

It is wonderful to see how you give the children little jobs and responsibilities so they can learn to do things like preparing food and washing up by themselves.

Petru and Antonina also saw the benefit of having a team of therapists working with the children. Antonina said,

We have a speech therapist and massage therapist but we want to learn more about the therapies that can help our disabled children.

So now Petru and Antonina are back in Moldova we want to help them in the following ways:

  • Provide the equipment they need for a Sensory Room and Soft Play Room
  • Send a therapy team (speech therapist; occupational therapist; physiotherapist) on a short placement/visit to support their work

If you would like to help with either of the above, please contact:
Ian Hames Tel: 01536 515776 Email: