Please pray for:

  • Petru and Antonina as they lead the Day Centre. For those supporting them - Doina, Sergiu, Valeriu, Olesia and Lilea.
  • Pray for the parents of the disabled children that they would find encouragement in their friendships and mutual support as they meet together.
  • For the children to be happy, healthy and to enjoy the facilities that the Charity Mission offer.
  • Following the signing of the Declaration for the Rights of the Disabled, pray that there would be a shift in attitudes and positive change and opportunities for disabled people in Moldova.
  • There is an ongoing need for finances. If God shows you a project where you could financially or materially support us, we will gladly accept it. Any sum of money can be of a real help for some of the people with disabilities from our country.

We praise God for the kindness of sponsors who have enabled us to buy a wonderful building for the Day Centre and employ our therapy staff; we trust Him to supply all our future needs.

We are open for any suggestion, any idea of partnership, anything that will improve the situation of these people. We are also ready to provide any information you are interested in.

For any proposal, suggestion, donation, you can contact us at the following
email: or

Thank you for praying for us.

May God richly bless you!